On your mark.
Get set.
Know how Amazing Things are made.

Slide Switch off Glitches Spread the accurate information of the brand to your audience
in the right way with the correct signal.

Slide Step 1. Pilot Meeting & Briefing

We will study the industry, value, culture, identity and your preference in the Pilot Meeting, then give a brief idea and estimate for the project.
We speak English, Mandarin & Cantonese.

Slide Step 2. Brainstorming

Amazing things happen in unexpected ways.
We will define the concept of designs after a series of in-depth research & analysis of your market, customers, opportunities and competitors.

Slide Step 3. Drafting & Production
The concept will be further developed.
The concept will be further developed and sketched according to our studies.
The draft is then ready to see & feedback.

Slide Every tweet matters!
Further improvement will be made according to feedbacks.
Step 4. Feedback & Further Development

Slide Step 5. Deliver
We make it happen.
The final production will be delivered accordingly.
Maintenance and on-going services could be provided as add-ons

Slide It's not just about ideas,
it's about making great ideas happen.
Our Works
XY Collective (2020)
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