If you obey
all the rules,
you miss
all the fun.

1. Pilot Meeting

Three… Two… One… Engines on! The wonderful journey starts from here. Let’s talk about your favourite or anything crazy. We could learn about the value, culture, identity and your preference, then a quote would be provided.

2. Research & Analysis

Research will be taken place upon the target market and competitors to see how to stand out from the crowd. We would draft a proposal based on the analysis of the research.

3. Concept Development

Once the concept is approved during the brainstorming stage, further development will be made for a detailed and practical proposal. You might struggle with selections at this point, yet our passion and speciality will help you with a satisfactory solution.

4. Construction Work

We make it happen! Regarding the needs, constructions on brand identity, visual presentation, marketing materials, web design would be delivered at this stage.
(You could select what kind of materials and documents you need, e.g. brand guideline, stationary, web, etc.)

5. Feedback

Every little tweet matters! We look forward to hearing your opinions, especially feedbacks from the target market.

6. Further Production

Further improvement would be made according to the studies of feedbacks of all aspects.

7. Deliver

Final production will be delivered through joint agreements, maintenance and on-going services could be provided as add-ons.