Loyal Valley Capital

Loyal Valley Capital has over US$1.7 billion assets under management as of 2021. Loyal Valley Capital manages capital on behalf of international institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds, funds of funds, private banks, and family offices, as well as elite entrepreneurs and founders of China’s Fortune 500 enterprises.

This is a rebranding project for LVC, which mainly upgrades the visual concept of the company. The logo was innovated and simplified, in order to match the image of the brand for entering the western market. The website has been fully upgraded into a responsive and dynamic view.



In China, there are 340 million Gen Y (born 1980 -1994) and 265 million Gen Z (born 1995 – 2010), with a high appetite for experience-based consumption for social media, entertainment, gaming and online education.


By 2050, 330 million Chinese will be over the age of 65, with over 10 million new cancer cases per year. Government regulatory changes and healthcare reforms present opportunities in this huge addressable market.


China is undergoing a historical transformation from “Made in China” to “Innovate in China”, supported by talent dividends and the strengthening of Chinese core technologies and intellectual properties.


1. Unparalleled Deal Sourcing

We have proprietary sourcing in 80% of deals long before companies have financing needs. We employ top-down research on the industries and companies that are expected to benefit the most from China’s consumption upgrade and regulatory changes.

2. Invest at Tipping Point

We have a sophisticated system of risk analysis that allows us to identify the most attractive risk-return profiles and to invest at the optimal time. We invest incrementally relatively early to mitigate risks.

3.Lead Investments

We lead/co-lead in two-thirds of our investments and hold board seats in more than half. We invest in long-term market dominate leaders or emerging leaders because these leaders in China often benefit from policy favors, higher entry barriers, consistent demands and wider access to capital markets.

4. Value Creation

We only invest when we believe we can add significant value through our ecosystem of thousands of entrepreneurs and industry experts. Our founding team has hands-on operational experience in growing CUAM from scratch to 30M customer company.

5. Optimised Exit Strategy

The senior team from CUAM offers insight and capabilities to navigate through market cycles and optimize exit timing, accelerating portfolio companies’ access to global capital markets and providing advice on IPOs.

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