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Tech-Arts Festival is the first theatre festival planned and launched by Inside-out Theatre, Beijing. It focuses on presenting the fast-changing technology and impacts in present, as technology is increasingly involved in cultural development and artistic expression.

This project requires a series upgrade for the festival’s brand identity for the coming year, including the brand extension and graphic innovations. As the festival was rebranded, the graphic and the website is re-developed and presented with the trend in present, which is with distinct contrast and graphic oriented.


Identity / Graphic / Website 


A Number

Pinocchio 2.0

A La Luna

Love +



Tech-Arts Festival will be the first theater festival planned and launched by INSIDE-OUT THEATER. In this era of fast-changing technology, technology is increasingly involved in cultural development and artistic expression.

The Play


Tara spent a summer on her grandfather’s farm, starry sky, planting the dream of becoming an astronaut deep in her heart. In the days of living in the farm, she was totally fascinated about the stories that her grandfather told. But one day, her grandfather suddenly disappeared(passed away), Tara determined to fly to moon and find grandfather. From this  begins the adventure.

A La Lunawas presented with modern multimedia visual technology, like naked eye projection. It was a perfect combination of drama and animation images. The actor “walk into” the animation, build a fantasy world full of imagination, and presented it with a amazing stage effect.

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