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The flux capacitor runs full speed, is set to the year 1955, and the PLAYMOBIL DeLorean takes off. The wheels and boot folds up, just like in the iconic films. Marty McFly and Doc Brown naturally stand out with their clothes in 1950’s America, not to mention their plutonium-powered time machine. PLAYMOBIL brings the legendary duo with attention to detail into the present – a collector’s item that no fan should be without.


Year of Production: 2021

Place of Production: United Kingdom

Size: 32x16cm

Weight: ~500g

Going around the world, visiting different decades, yet they haven’t aged a day. Who even thinks about the time when you could travel back and forth with the DeLorean? PLAYMOBIL brings the duo Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown with their dog Einstein to the present day.

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