Collapse House

Collapse House


Collapse House

Cardboard Sculpture


“Collapse House” is a profound statement against war, embodied in a sculpture crafted from cardboard boxes. This powerful artwork symbolizes the destructive impact of conflict on our homes and communities. The meticulously folded cardboard forms a fragile yet resilient miniature house, representing the vulnerability and resilience of human life in the face of war.


Year of Production: 2023

Place of Production: United Kingdom

Size: 50 x 50 x 40 cm

Weight: ~500g

The title, “Collapse House,” suggests the tragic consequences of armed conflict, where homes crumble and lives are upended. Through this sculpture, the artist urges us to reflect on the futility of war and the universal desire for peace, security, and stability. In its simplicity, “Collapse House” delivers a poignant message of hope for a world free from the devastation of war.

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