HMV 101 (Red)

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Model 101 (Red)


HMV portable Gramophones were normally black. Coloured portables are rare, the original purchase price was £7.50 compared with £7.00 for the black model. Only 50p difference, but when you consider weekly wages of £2 or £3 per week, it was only the wealthy who would pay extra for a coloured model.


Year of Production: 1920s

Place of Production: Hayes, Middlesex, London, UK

Size: 45 x 35 x 15 cm

Weight: 5-7kg

The Gramophone bears the original Retailers Trademark “Paish & Co., Piano Merchants, Exeter – Torquay.- Paignton”.
This example of the model 101 has an HMV 59 enclosed motor with 550gm 14 foot mainspring.

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