Zorki-4 Rangefinder






Zorkis were made in Moscow, starting with the Zorki-1, in 1948. The Zorki-1 was a copy of the Leica II rangefinder, from the early 1930s, and indeed if you are thinking of buying one of those, check carefully that it didn’t start out life as a Zorki. The Zorki-4s were made from 1956 to 1973, and were the best selling of the Zorki range. This one was made for export, and probably arrived in Britain when it was new.


Year of Production: 1960s

Place of Production: Krasnogorsk (Moscow), Russia

Size: 45 x 35 x 15 cm

Weight: 700-1,000g

The Zorki 4 body is in excellent condition, however, the lens is a bit sticky that may need some service.Shutter works in all speeds.Lens is clean with red M coating.

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